Project Members

TU Wien

Institute for Energy Systems and Thermodynamics

TUWIEN-IET coordinates the project DIGI-Hydro. TUWIEN-IET has many years of experience in the field of calculating the residual life of components, the operation of turbines, and the design of hydropower plants.

VRVis Zentrum für Virtual Reality und Visualisierung Forschungs-GmbH

VRVIS has knowledge and competences in the field of visualization and visual analysis of big data, especially time series data from sensor measurements.

HAKOM Time Series GmbH

HAKOM has been working for years on data storage and the data harmonization of large data volumes. Thereby HAKOM has comprehensive knowledge about the realization of measurements which require the recording of data from several sensors.

VibroConcept GmbH

VVibroconcept is a specialist for sensor and measurement technology for industrial plants, and for the vibration monitoring of hydropower plants in particular, and can rely on many years of experience in this field. In the DIGI-Hydro project, VC will take over the instrumentation of the plants for the measurements.