Preparing measurements

Sensor measurements in the lab

Measurements in the hydropower machines need to be prepared and tested in a lab environment first, which is currently done at the internal hydropower lab of the TU Wien. When moving to measurements in real hydropower machines, later on, the sensors and data collectors will have to run for quite some time without further maintenance by still collecting high-quality data. This requires thorough testing to see if all components from all project partners fit together.

Collecting sensor data also means that the data needs to be stored in an extensive database. We, therefore, test the interfaces to data storage systems and the performance of databases.

We also plan to visually analyze the collected data, which requires suitable visual exploration tools to be implemented. The visual exploration of the data is of particular importance, as it allows human viewers to assess the data quality and check whether all sensors recorded helpful information. With visual exploration, we will also study patterns and other interesting insights into the data later on.